Mother Jones: Stop Crime with Basic Income

09 Justice, 11 Society

mother jones masterOne City Tried Something Radical to Stop Gun Violence. This Report Suggests It's Working.

From 45 homicides to 11 in seven years.

Tim Murphy, Mother Jones


Four times a year, the program's street team sifts through police records and its own intelligence to determine, with actuarial detachment, the 50 people in Richmond most likely to shoot someone and to be shot themselves. ONS tracks them and approaches the most lethal (and vulnerable) on the list, offering them a spot in a program that includes a stipend to turn their lives around.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is a micro-implementaion of the combination of intelligence-led (community) policing and the basic income initiative. The article is superb and the report is worthy of being read in full.

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