Donald Trump’s Military Record

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trump rulesPhi Beta Iota: Yes, that’s all there is. Last night, when he said that six people died trying to find Bergdahl, whom he singled out as a traitor, he demonstrated his ignorance of all things military.  Bergdahl was in a cognitive dissonance daze and conflicted. No one died trying to find Bergdahl –that urban myth was repudiated long ago. Trump appears to have dodged the draft, finally getting a 4-F deferment after multiple 1-A physicals, has never served in the military, has never been part of serious military – civilian consultations, and is, in terms of military strategy, policy, acquisitions, and operations, a zero. We had high expectations of Trump as a change agent, but he has now begin to bury his change agent prospects with gross errors of fact embedded in self-diminishing bluster.

Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura

NOTE: Jeb Bush has not served in the military either, nor has John Kasich. In fact it is remarkable that of ALL of the Republican candidates for the presidency, the ONLY one to have served in the military is Governor Rick Perry! It is also remarkable that the three Democratic candidates (Clinton, O’Malley, and Sanders) ALSO are completely lacking in military service. Finally — there is a trend here — we note that among Independent prospects, Angus King, Jon Huntsman, and Jesse Ventura, only Jesse Ventura has served in the US military.

NOTE: #DonaldSoBlack should join #BernieSoBlack. Neither of these candidates connects in the least with the massively important black population with historical roots that merit huge respect.

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