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Sepp Hasslberger
Sepp Hasslberger

In this article, the cause of gravitation is modeled as a result of particle spin and macroscopic rotation. Vortices distort the space-time matrix, inducing attraction between masses as the matrix seeks to un-distort. Gravity from rotation of a larger mass adds to the gravity produced by particle spin. Angular momentum is a pre-condition for the existence of particles as well as cosmic bodies.

Spin and rotation: gravity, magnetism and star formation

There is a very common illustration of a ball pulling a flat sheet out of shape to represent Einstein’s curvature of space but that concept is not really accurate. We do not live in a two-dimensional world of sheets of flat space-time and gravity isn’t just a bending, but a twisting curvature. Imagine the ball rotating and thus distorting that matrix of space-time to create a kind of space-time vortex, and you’d have a good analogy. We should really think of a 3-dimensional matrix of potential particles filling space. That matrix seeks to arrange itself in orthogonal patterns, but it can also be twisted out of shape by a rotating mass sitting in that spatial matrix. The distortion would be a twist in the space matrix.  Gravitation is a consequence of spin-induced curvature of the space-time matrix…