Berto Jongman: Video: China Releases Video Showing How It Will Attack America

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berto smallVideo: China Releases Video Showing How It Will Attack America

China’s New Video About Kicking America’s Ass Is More Than Meets the Eye

YouTube (5:51) 3D模拟夺岛战役:中国军力全景展示 3D CG PLA Island Retaking Battle

Phi Beta Iota: The corruption of the US military-industrial complex cannot be under-stated. Force structure is based on profit for the vendors, not capabilities that are affordable, inter-operable, and in warfare, most importantly, redundant (over 1,500 tanks were lost on just one day early after D-Day in WWII). The US simply does not have the numbers for sustained war and is trapped in a contractor-oriented system that only permits threatrical war, not real sustained war. Our bottom line: US needs to stay out of Asia, pull back from Europe, focus on getting the contractors out and integrity back into our intelligence as it pertains to force structure and maybe, in 10-15 years, we will have global reach again. Right now we can do small stuff badly, and we are not even sure our nuclear arsenal will work as advertised. It’s all about money, completely lacking in integrity.

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