Eagle: FBI Mass Murder Database — Incomplete? Truth Teller on Sandy Hook and Aurora? Or Both?

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

In FBI murder data, mass killings often go missing

When 26 teachers, students and administrators were shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it made national news for weeks. But there was one place 2012’s largest mass killing was never mentioned: the FBI database that tracks all U.S. homicides.

And that isn’t the only major case missing. The 12 people who were killed in an Aurora, Colo., movie watching the premier of a Batman movie aren’t listed either, raising questions about the accuracy and usefulness of the federal data.

Read full article in USA Today.

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Phi Beta Iota: There are 18,000 police jurisdictions across the USA, none of them particularly fond of the FBI and none of them particularly adept at information technology — add to that the retarded nature of federal information technology and you have a prescription for institutionalized persistant ignorance. Those that believe that Sandy Hook and Aurora were false flag events will point to the data gaps as evidence the deaths did not occur — USA Today posits a more likely explanation — and of course both are possible. Twenty five years the alarm was sounded on cyber-ignorance and cyber-security, and the US Government refused to listen. Now, trillions of dollars later in wasted expenses, most of what is planned is not adequate to the need because the mind-set has been wrong — stovepipes and secrecy instead of sharing and (secure) openness. And that is only the technical problem. There is also a moral problem. The FBI is not allowed to do pattern analysis on the murder of dissenters and doctors, nor is it allowed to go after agents of favored foreign powers (Israel, France, Germany). It is also not allowed to go after elite pedophiles and major banking criminals. So all in all, we have a sucking chest wound where federal law enforcement is supposed to be.

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