Yoda: Syria’s Assad on US Blindness — US Realizing Syria Must Stand? Republican Candidates Blow It…

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yoda with light saberSyria’s Assad blasts U.S.’ “willful blindness” in fight against ISIS

Assad said the U.S., which has been leading a coalition that is carrying out airstrikes on ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq, refuses to work and coordinate with his government. For the U.S. officials, “if they cooperate with the Syrian army, this is like recognition of our effectiveness in fighting ISIS,” Assad added. “This is part of the willful blindness of the American administration, unfortunately.”


Obama’s General Just Set His ISIS War Plan on Fire

$500 million, after spending $9 million per trainee, most of whom have vanished, net net is 4 or 5 fighters on the ground.  Four or five. We do not make this stuff up!

Putin Sees Syria as Russia’s Path Back Into Good Graces of West

Mr. Churkin told reporters on Wednesday that Mr. Putin’s proposal had generated “great interest” and could well become the major focus of the gathering of world leaders at the United Nations during the last week of September.

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The only serious Republican candidates are George Pataki and John Kasich followed by Ben Carson and Jeb Bush. The rest of them are dissembling blow-hards.  I want to single out Carly Fiorina for her very strong and very stupid itemization of all the things she would do to confront Putin and strengthen US forces in the Middle East. This is not a woman who lacks intelligence, hence I must conclude that she is grossly mis-informed or actively maliciously mis-leading the Republican base that does not know any better. Put another way, she does not know anything about the 45% to 75% waste (weapons acquisition to Afghanistan) and her numbers on what is needed are numbers she does not understand. Giving more money to the Pentagon is like pouring gasoline on the fire. Anyone that does not get that is not qualified to be President. The FACTS are that the US, subject to a foreign policy coup as described by General Wesley Clark in the below video, has been seeking regime change in the Ukraine and Syria.  WE are the instigators of instability in Ukraine as well as Syria and many other places (see the graphic below). Saudi Arabia, with our active assistance including taxpayer funding, created ISIS and we went on to train and equip ISIS. The FACTS are that we have a hollow military overly dependent on technology that is too easy to shut down, starting with all the satellites. Also below is a critical assessment of Fiorina’s tenure as CEO of HP. Bottom line: a loser.  The race is down to four people. I believe Donald Trump will be gone by March.

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