Nafeez Ahmed: UN Sustainability Plan Doomed

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Nafeez Ahmed
Nafeez Ahmed

The UN’s Sustainability Plan Is ‘Doomed,’ According to Linguistic Analysis

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to end poverty and hunger while creating sustainable societies, look like great news at first glance. But a report circulated to UN officials argues that the entire SDG process has been “fundamentally compromised” by powerful corporations with an interest in sustaining business as usual.

Phi Beta Iota: Nafeez Ahmed is a distinguised author and one of the few that thinks at the meta level.  He is correct. The Fall 2015 meetings at the UN, including a much-acclaimed visit by the Pope to address climate change, will fail as sadly as Tom Steyer failed (by his own public admission) with his $74 billion attempting to influence policy in a constructive direction. The UN — as with its member governments — lacks intelligence with integrity. It lacks the ability to do holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering solutions, especially open source provisioning (energy, water, food, shelter). Despite the existence of a UN White Paper explicitly addressing a low-cost solution for changing the UN dynamic in constructive ways, the Secretary General — who may seek a third term — is impotent, surrounded by staff committed to business as usual.

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