Philip Giraldi: The CIA’s Torture Defenders

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Philip Giraldi
Philip Giraldi

The CIA’s Torture Defenders

An all-star cast teams up to spin their enhanced interrogation regime.

The seven men who contributed to the book (George Tenet, Michael Hayden, Porter Goss, John McLaughlin, Michael Morell, Jose Rodriguez, John Rizzo, and Philip Mudd) are, with the exception of Mudd, quite likely guilty of war crimes …   There are also a number of out-and-out lies that undercut the credibility of the book, including the repeated suggestion that CIA was working flat out on the terrorism problem before 9/11.

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Hats off to former CIA colleague Philip Giraldi, a true conservative with values. There are GOOD people in and from the US intelligence community — none of them participated in or lie about torture as a national good. Ignore the book of lies — consider instead the fictional book Broken!, by one of the co-signers of the letter to President Barack Obama denouncing the book of lies.

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