Yoda: Death of the Butterfly – A Metaphor for Human Greed and Ignorance

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yoda with light saberButterfly. God is…

Monarch Butterflies Take Flight in Migration to Mexico as Population Plummets

Unfortunately, though, the monarch butterfly is suffering from climate change, monoculture, and insecticides. More specifically, the lack of milkweed, which is what the butterfly feeds on, has greatly impacted number. In fact, it’s estimated that since 1997, numbers have decreased from one billion to 56.6 million.

Phi Beta Iota: The butterfly is being killed by Monsanto, the Monsanto product Roundup, and other glyphosate-based pesticides that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to approve. Apart from mobilizing to demand an Electoral Reform Act of 2015 producing an honest evidence-based government in 2016 or beyond, US citizens can plant milkweed and create pesticide-free zones.

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