Admiral James Lyons, Jr.: White House is Greatest Threat to US National Security

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

In his own words — treason comment starts at 1:50.

Tip of the hat to Owl — has been noticed in financial circles.

Phi Beta Iota: When a Nation's leaders become ignorant, and work in the context of an appathetic or polarized public, an ignorant, captive media, an ignorant captive Congress, and a compliant complacent bureaucracy that does not honor its Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign, really expensive, stupid, dangerous things begin to happen. The statement made by the Admiral, that “the greatest national security threat to the United States resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, The White House,” is questionable at multiple levels. What is lacking is an honest re-appraisal of the world and our home front, development of a grand strategy that is affordable and sustainable. We need a strong military based at home — a military that can handle a long-term expeditionary war if that is required, and an industrial base that can ramp up the way Andrew Jackson Higgins ramped up in New Orleans for World War II. What troubles us most is the complete absence of intelligence and integrity at every levels in government and across all the other information tribes. There is not a single concise factual statement out there of what is and what needs to be for what reasons. Everything is platitudinous postering based on lies. THAT is the greatest national security (and prosperity) threat to the USA.

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