Berto Jongman: CIA’s Secret Torture Sites & the Competing CIA and DoD Drone Assassination Programs

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berto smallCIA Torture

REVEALED: The boom and bust of the CIA’s secret torture sites

The quality of debriefers and security officers being sent to the site was degenerating, while the information coming out of it was “mediocre or, I dare say, useless”.

The Assassination Complex

Eight Papers on the Drone Programs of the USA

Taken together, the secret documents lead to the conclusion that Washington’s 14-year high-value targeting campaign suffers from an overreliance on signals intelligence, an apparently incalculable civilian toll, and — due to a preference for assassination rather than capture — an inability to extract potentially valuable intelligence from terror suspects. They also highlight the futility of the war in Afghanistan by showing how the U.S. has poured vast resources into killing local insurgents, in the process exacerbating the very threat the U.S. is seeking to confront.

Phi Beta Iota: The most complete story to date in both instances. When combined with out of control neoconservatives destabilizing other countries and spending taxpayer funds to impose regime changes that create swarms of illegal refugees, the question must be asked — who is the enemy here? Could it be that we are our own worst enemy and that internal security and counterintelligence within the US Govenrment has collapsed completely?

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