Mongoose: Who Killed American Strategy?


The usual suspects….

CSI: Pentagon — Who Killed American Strategy?

Phi Beta Iota: The links are extraordinary.  Highly recommended as a deep read with attention to each link in turn.

See Especially:

2015 Robert Steele: The National Military Strategy – Dishonest Platitudes

2014 Robert Steele: CNO Realizes We Need a 450 Ship Navy — 22 Years After I Was Almost Fired for Same Idea…

2009 Perhaps We Should Have Shouted: A Twenty-Year Restrospective

2001 Threats, Strategy, and Force Structure: An Alternative Paradigm for National Security

2000 Presidential Leadership and National Security Policy Making

Reference: CJCS & Frog 6 Strategic Guidance Side-by-Side (Each is Six Pages)

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