Berto Jongman: US-Sponsored Genocide — One Source of Illegal Refugees

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berto smallIt's Been 50 Years Since the Biggest US-Backed Genocide You've Never Heard Of

As many as 1 million people were killed by Indonesia's Cold War regime—and we still don't know the full story of our government's involvement.

Phi Beta Iota: From a NYT Op-Ed by Joshua Oppenheimer, cited by Mother Jones‘ article:

The United States conducted covert operations to destabilize Sukarno and strengthen the military. Then, when genocide broke out, America provided equipment, weapons and money. The United States compiled lists containing thousands of names of public figures likely to oppose the new military regime, and handed them over to the Indonesian military, presumably with the expectation that they would be killed. Western aid to Suharto’s dictatorship, ultimately amounting to tens of billions of dollars, began flowing while corpses still clogged Indonesia’s rivers.

In the aftermath of WWII lies became the foundation of diplomacy, information, development, and the military. Lies created and fed the Cold War as a vehicle for creating the military-industrial complex, and lies became the means by which financial, religious, and ideological traitors — many sponsored by foreign powers, others imported Nazis — manipulated the US public into embracing crimes against humanity as a routine policy of the USA.

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