Dr. Col George Reed: US Military Toxic Leadership — Pervasive, Known by Name, Ignored, Fatal Cancer

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Toxic Leadership Reed Pentagon 15 Oct 2015PPT (22 Pages):

Toxic Leadership Reed Pentagon 15 Oct 2015

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Sponsored by the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office as a part of their Ethical Leadership Series, event filled the Pentagon Auditorium, which seats 500, to overflowing on 15 October 2015.  Flag officers, including the Army Inspector General, were in attendance. There were 2* Air Force generals standing in the back of the room.   Dr. Read showed that he clearly knows what he is talking about.

Phrasing carefully, toxic leadership can be termed a “significant problem” within the Army staff and in the field.  For the Army Staff, that fact is well known; key leaders are well aware.  The problems are documented to the offender name level of detail in DEOMI [Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute] command climate surveys.

But, alas, documentation and education are unlikely to break the mold.  The seniors know but they do nothing; each moves on and leaves the unfixed problem for successors.

Phi Beta Iota: This is also a problem in the secret intelligence world. The US Army is arguably “central” to defense, whole of government, and the Republic. How the US Army chooses to address toxic leadership under the new Chief of Staff could begin the healing process. GO ARMY.

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