Stan McChrystal: The Perfect Chief of Staff

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Stan McChrystal
Stan McChrystal

Why Every Organization Needs a Chief of Staff Like This One

I had only 24 hours in the day, but 35 hours’ worth of issues coming at me each day that required decisions on my part. What I needed from my staff was for them to buy me time on my schedule, freeing up white space so I could focus on strategic thinking and managing critical relationships. And more than any one person, my Chief of Staff kept me constantly focused on spending my time where it counted most so that I wasn’t the limiting factor in pushing our organization forward.

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Phi Beta Iota: Properly used — they never are — intelligence professionals also buy time and offer affordable sustainable options. Both governments and corporations are in the intelligence Stone Age — Quadrant I of four quadrants as shown here. 21st Century intelligence integrates holistic analytics, true cost economics, ruthless counterintelligence against internal saboteurs, and open source everything engineering.

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