Yoda: Black Lives Do NOT Matter

Cultural Intelligence

yoda with light saberLearn, grasshopper.

The Atlantic has published Ta-Nehisi Coates in two world-class articles, “The Case For Reparations,” which investigates the damage dealt to blacks through this country’s long tradition of housing discrimination; and “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration,” which examines the toll of white supremacy as American policy on black life in the United States.

Phi Beta Iota: Of course black lives matter, all lives matter.  The hypocrisy of every presidential candidate now running is without limit. What is interesting to us is that white lives — blue collar white lives and white collar white lives — now matter as little as black lives. Somewhere in all this is a revolution in which black and white lives merge and the 99% finally figure out that race conflict is a deliberate tactic of the 1% as it screws over the 99%.

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