David Stockman: Blowback—–The Washington War Party’s Folly Comes Home To Roost

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David Stockman
David Stockman

Blowback—–The Washington War Party’s Folly Comes Home To Roost


But the everlasting truth is that the relative handful of suicidal jihadi who have perpetrated murderous episodes of terror like 9/11 and this weekend’s carnage in Paris did not exist in November 1989; and they would not be marauding the West today save for the unrelenting arrogance, stupidity, duplicity and mendacity of Imperial Washington.

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ROBERT STEELE:  Bravo for an utterly brilliant article that pulls together all the negatives that General Wesley Clark has called a “foreign policy coup” in a YouTube still available to the public.  I admire very much all of the detail here. What is missing is the role of Saudi Arabia in organizing and mobilizing ISIS — Qatar is on record, officially, labeling ISIS “the Saudi Project.” Also missing here is the role of Israel in guiding, training, and in some instances mis-directing elements of ISIS all  toward the end of pulling US boots into the area and ultimately breaking Syria up, part of Israel’s long-standing “Oded Yinon” Plan for formenting a clash of civilizations between Muslims and Chrstians, for Balkanizing the Middle East, and in the most recent instance of what I believe to be a second false flag attack in Paris (real ISIS people aided by Saudi Arabia and Israel and Turkey), assuring the entry of France into a very ill-advised third Gulf War. From where I sit, Barack Obama is absolutely correct to refuse to put boots on the ground; there are some very ethical senior flag officers in the Pentagon backing him up on this point, and he is surrounded by too many people — too many neoconservatives allowed to remain at State and elsewhere — to be effective as President.  It is long past time we cleaned house. The neocons and thelr liberal interventionist mini-mes need to be flushed from the government, we need to convene a Project Solarium 2.0 and create an evidence-based Grand Strategy that is affordable, balanced, and flexibile.

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