Eagle: #StoptheCops — International Police Conference in Chicago Blockaded — Mainstream Media Censors Story

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

#StopTheCops: Chicago Activists Shut Down International Police Conference

Organizers from multiple groups created this event, including BYP 100, Assata’s Daughters, We Charge Genocide, #Not1More, and Organized Communities Against Deportations. Here’s an excerpt from the BYP statement on the protest:

Together, we’re organized to demand that our lives, our communities and our futures be made a priority. The police chiefs who belong to the IACP, and their local departments have a debt to pay for the lives and the resources they’ve stolen and we’re here to collect.

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Remarkably, #StopTheCops featured 5 simultaneous direct actions: a march, three separate blockades in intersections around the conference center using u-locks and lockboxes and, perhaps most impressively, a fourth blockade inside the actual convention center, which forced cops to crawl to get inside:

Phi Beta Iota: The militarization of the US Government (USG) budget, with 60% of the 2015 budget going to a heavy metal military that is not suited to our needs — and the extension of the Military-Industial-Congressional Complex (MICC) into state and local law enforcement procurement — is a sickness. The real problem is a corrupt Congress and a two-party tyranny that sells Member votes by the bloc to 40 odd billionaires, as  well as a range of banks and corporations. Absent the restoration of intelligence with integrity to the USG and now it manages the budget, we anticipate many more cop killings (ambushes), and more violence going into the summer of 2016. The USA is “out of balance” is a most toxic manner. It is of course noteworthy that the mainstream media, both in the US and internationally, chose not to cover this story.

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