Owl: Obama Sends SOF to Syria — As Targets

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Who? Who?
Who? Who?

Ghost War in Syria: Russian Spetsnaz Facing U.S. Army Special Forces: “There Is Bound to Be Shooting”

Key takeaway:

” Now here’s an excerpt from the UK Daily Mail that clearly shows the stage is being set for the upcoming Ghost War between Spetsnaz and the U.S. Army Special Forces, as such:

Vladimir Putin‘s crack Spetsnaz units are said to be preparing a ground assault on rebels fighting the Syrian President – most of whom are backed by the West.  They have been ordered to wipe out opponents ‘by any means’.” In their own words, here is “the fight card.”

The Blue Corner: The U.S. [Special Forces] “will work with resistance forces


The Red Corner: Russian [Spetsnaz] “preparing a ground assault on rebels

The two sides have been placed on a collision course in which there is bound to be shooting. The Russian operators are good: they’re very good, and they are masters of assassination and counterintelligence missions.  The last time the U.S. came up against them definitively was in Bosnia in ’93 and ’94 where the Spetsnaz boys were supporting the Serbs.”

Looks like a pathway to WW3.


Obama's catastrophic Syria folly

Worst of all is this possibility: Obama is just putting Americans in a few strategic spots to discourage the Russian military from targeting rebel groups there. It makes the potential costs of a mistake, or a gamble by even one Russian pilot, catastrophic. Things can escalate very, very quickly when the wrong person is killed amid a web of entangled alliances. Just ask Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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