Robert Steele: Should Christian Amanpour of CNN Be Fired, Investigated, or Both?

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

In my view, Christian Amanpour is an agent of a foreign power and should be fired by CNN, while also investigated by the FBI. She is actively putting forward the agenda and views of foreign powers, calling the US President a liar, and stating as fact what most of us with integrity know to be false: that the only way to defeat ISIS is to invade with US troops.

A Muslim exile from Iran, Amanpour is in my view totally suspect. I consider her compromised across multiple fronts, and believe she is like an agent I had once, who was taking money from everyone. She should be actively investigated by the FBI.

The US public deserves much more intelligence and integrity from CNN than Amanpour is capable of providing.

The President has some good instincts — and thankfully some strong military advisors resisting the push to put troops into the quagmire — but the President is trapped in a political paradigm that refuses to entertain intelligence (or counterintelligence) with integrity. Within the USA, the enemy is the neoconservative cabal and their liberal interventionist mini-mes. They staged a successful coup under Dick Cheney’s leadership that continues to this day, and they need to be flushed from the government.

Externally the enemy is Saudi Arabia and its persistent export of Wahabbism combined with its “ISIS Project” and Israel, which combines persistent genocide against the Palestinians with false flag and agent of influence operations across Europe designed to Balkanize the Middle East, thus creating millions more refugees Europe cannot handle. ISIS cannot be defeated without first slamming the neocons at home and putting Saudi Arabia and Israel back in their box.

In my view, the President should suspend all military assistance to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and convene a multinational intelligence and strategy conference to be led by Vice President Joe Biden. Such a conference will be successful only if it is open, multinational, and welcoming of the iconoclasts that have for twenty five years warned that we were on the wrong track and needed to pay greater heed to non-state actors and the base condition of the global public.

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