Stephen E. Arnold: Jeff Bezos & The Washington Post — Newspaper of Record? Barf.

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

The New Real Journalism: Bezos a WaPo to the Gray Lady

I read “Jeff Bezos Says The Washington Post’s Goal Is to Become the New Paper of Record.” As Jack Benny used to say when someone mentioned $1 million, “Yipes.”

Phi Beta Iota: Bezos has many gifts, but the ability to create intelligence (decision-support) or to turn the Washington Post into a newspaper of record, are not among them. He treats books as packages to be shipped, not at knowledge objects — he has previously refused recommendations to turn Amazon into the hub of the World Brain (imagine top authors on poverty as a Global Intelligence Council on Poverty). The Washington Post is an arch-type of a politically-castrated news hole — largely worthless for lack of a strategic analytic model, holistic analytics, true cost economics, or investigative journalism across a range of vital issues.

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