Steve Metz: Reimagining the US Military

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Steve Metz
Steve Metz

Reimagining the U.S. Military for Today’s Security Environment

Steve Metz

World Politics Review, 30 October 2015

The U.S. military is increasingly ill-suited for today’s complex, interconnected and transparent security environment. It was designed to fight major wars against the military forces of other nations, yet never does so. Despite the best intentions of its architects, the U.S. military is a “kluge”—a combination of sometimes compatible, sometimes mismatched parts cobbled together. It works, but not as effectively or efficiently as it should.

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…it would make sense to reconfigure the U.S. military around these three primary strategic tasks by creating a strike force, a stabilization force, and a homeland defense force.

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The U.S. military already has many of the skills it needs for the future, but because they are spread across military services organized around “domains”–land, sea, and air–rather than a mission set, they are not optimized.

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