Ty Simpson: Reflections on the Breakaway – Distributed, Decentralized, Encrypted, Blockchain Networking

Cultural Intelligence
Ty Simpson
Ty Simpson

My notion, with considerable help from intelligent people like yourself, is that the World is already on Breakaway Course.  Old and new titans will be circumvented by Radical Heterarchy.

The generation behind me, the 30 somethings have Network Heterarchy written in their conditioning from school.  They were molded by the internet.  The generation behind them, the 20 somethings, have Heterarchy written in their GENES.  They were born like test tube babies IN the internet.  The Next Gen?  Forget about it!  They have Blockchain on their Tablet Device…The next Zuckerberg will be a 13 year old crytocurrency billionaire, i'm almost certain of it.

Right now, there are coders hard at work building Distributed, Decentralized, Encrypted, Blockchain Networking tools. Synereo is one I follow closely but there are others.  There are Google Hangouts of people I am following looking to use a tool such as this to build the basis for Governance in intentional communities or micro nations.  Think The Seasteading Institute, only on land.  The writing's on the wall, I'm just trying to keep up with the read so I won't bother to speculate any more.

You were the one who fulfilled my need for a soundbite to use in a presentation about how there is a Breakaway happening.  The Breakaway Billionaires as you put it.  I'm trying to build a Movement around the concept of Expedient local, self reliance and reinvestment.  Whereby I hope those with significant wealth today in Banks, re-invest in locally resilient systems.  Your latest paper deals with other smart ideas to get funding some of that behind as well.  If I were to describe this in a metaphor, it's like the shovel is already in the dirt and it's about to get flipped.  How many Billionaires are gonna come out on top when the soil gets turned over?

The worst isn't over and I'm not waiting for an election cycle to fix my problems.  Another term YOU coined, “It's like revolution 2.0.”  But I'm on Rev 3.0.  Information has outpaced corruption, Blockchain will outperform the Banks, and the Human Spirit will always outdo Tyranny.  Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Unfortunately, thanks to good intelligence gathering, I realize that the worst is pretty damn bad… and I need to get prepared in a pretty big way ; )

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