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Video shows woman escape point-blank shooting by gunman in Paris attacks


Paris Attacks False Flag Jewish Owners sold Bataclan Theater JUST BEFORE ATTACK!

Phi Beta Iota: The Charlie Hebdo attack, almost certainly a false flag, was intended to punish France for supporting Palestine and frighten more Jews into leaving France for Israel (as happened in the case of the owners). There is no proof, yet, this was a false flag operation, but many indicators are emergent. Anyone doubting the mendacity of the Zionists need only remember the USS Liberty. This does not excuse what the US and NATO have done in creating the new swath of destruction since 9/11 was orchestrated by Dick Cheney in the guise of a national counter-terrorism exercise, it merely provides necessary clarity.


YouTube (8:00) Stadium Explosions Piped Over Loudspeakers, No Photos, Soccer Game Goes On…

YouTube (7:48) Paris France “Terrorist Attack” Psyop Hoax – Cafe Suicide Bombing Scene “Forensic Experts” Exposed

YouTube (5:27) Paris France Bombing “Terrorist Attack” Hoax – Death Metal Concert Alley Way Staged Scene Exposed

Phi Beta Iota: No blood, no damage, no debris around all the alleged explosions. No footage from ordinary people — NONE. This is NOT the same thing as being able to prove this was a hoax, these are only indicators.A false flag generally DOES include dead people, both innocents who have no idea they are being killed by their own side for a “greater good,” and patsies who think they are under the control of their allies (e.g. Saudi Arabia) when they are actually being fooled by their ostensible enemies (Israel).  ISIS is in fact a coalition operation where Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, the dark side of the US Government and the dark side of the  French government, all have common interests in fostering war on Syria against the opposition of all of us with intelligence and integrity.

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