Berto Jongman: Dutch View on ISIS in Paris

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Comment Highlights:

Events will be used so US can invoke NATO Article 5 and legalize the illegal war against Syria.

Events took place within a pre-arranged exercise.

Kurds captured Daesh operative with map of Berlin attack sites — small armories to be attacked for arms, bridges and roads to be interdicted, mass casualties desired in countries opposing ISIS.

Lengthy comment below the fold.

I am afraid that the Paris attacks will be used to intensify the war in Syria/Iraq and prepare the way for ground troops. An issue you do not mention is the possibility that Art.5 of NATO can now be invoked. In that way the US can make its illegal war in Syria legal and a barrier for the Obama government can be taken away. I am also afraid that the Paris attacks will be used to intensify border controls and maybe even the abolishment of the Schengen treaty. European countries will also take the opportunity to expand their security services and law forcement. The UK is hiring 1,900 extra spies. I have serious doubts about the countermeasures now being discussed as being effective. Israel has provided France with intelligence indicating that the Paris attack was executed on the orders of al Baghdadi and that a group of 24 operatives were involved, 19 attackers and five operatives for logistics and planning. The Israelis reportedly also found an operational link between the downing of the Russian plane in the Sinai, the suicide attack against Hezbollah in Beirut and the Paris attacks. Several experts made comparisons with the Mumbai attacks. In the case of Paris all the operatives wore suicide belts and most of them blew themselves up. On the day of the attack there was a military exercise based on a scenario of simultaneous attacks against multiple targets. That was one reason that response units were quite effective in their response. This has however also triggered the conspiracy theorists as many false flag operations do take place under the cover of exercises.

French authorities only speak of eight operatives who all died in the attacks. After specific training in Raqqa operatives were send  to Europe and joined a local group to execute the attack. It is feared that more attacks will follow in other European states, Canada, US and Russia. A few weeks ago a Daesh operative was caught by the Kurds with a map of Berlin with markings of targets which had to be attacked. In the early stage arms depots were to be attacked. The arms would be handed out for continuing attacks. Markings also indicated that certain bridges would be blown up and important roads blocked to complicate the response. It appears that a decision has been made to create chaos and mass casualties in countries participating in the military coalition fighting Daesh. This would mean that the Paris attacks could be the beginning of a series of significant attacks.

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