Hypothes.is: Coalition of 40+ Scholarly Publishers

04 Education, Advanced Cyber/IO

hypothes.isOn Tuesday, we announced a major new initiative to bring this vision to reality, supported by a coalition of over 40 of the world’s essential scholarly organizations, such as JSTOR, PLOS, arXiv, HathiTrust, Wiley and HighWire Press, who are linking arms to establish a new paradigm of open collaborative annotation across the world’s knowledge.

Read full first newsletter, The Margin #1.

Phi Beta Iota: Hypothes.is is one of several major developments that are converging toward a world brain. Still lacking are public appreciation for the meta vision (holistic analytics, true cost economics, open source everything engineering) and a truly distributed blockchain means of reliably handling all information and all value (co-existing with banks but making banks and credit card companies irrelevant).

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