Nova Spivack: Rise of Chief Analytic Officers

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Nova Spivak
Nova Spivak

Why BI’s shift to stream intelligence is a top priority for CAOs


In fact, organizations that have prioritized real-time data are outpacing all others, according to Aberdeen Group. Companies that are competent across volume, variety, and velocity alike have seen 26 percent growth in their pipelines, 15 percent increase in cash generated, and 67 percent in operational cost reduction.

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ROBERT STEELE: It’s a good article, I was glad to read it. However, I think 3.0 is actually 1.3. When CAOs can do holistic multilingual analytics across time and space; combined with true cost economics, combined with open source everything engineering (opportunity cost advisories), then they can claim 3.0 status.  PS. I use a fourth v for veracity, bearing in mind that we only process 1% of “big data” and lack access to so much more including local and unpublished knowledge, I’d say “BI” is nowhere close to Wilensky’s vision for embedded persistent organizational intelligence.