Owl: Transgenderism/Transageism – The New Elite Pedophile Frontier?

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Transgenderism/Transageism: New Pedo Frontier?

According to reporter Wayne Madsen, transgenderism will be used as pretext by which to legally expand pederasty. This article link he shared on his web site is about a 50+ man who abandoned his wife and seven children to live his “true life” as a six year old girl. As they say, you cannot make this stuff up, but this man’s story (or former man, at least in gender identity) has been taken seriously enough for it to be featured in a full-length documentary film put out by a transgender group.

This is an instance of “trans-ageism,” according to the article. Commenters after the article also point out pedo connections to transgenderism:

Transgender AND Transager: 52 Year-Old Father Lives as a 6 Year-Old Girl

John Robb, who seems to be neutral about the issue of gender identity hacking, said somewhere that technology now is enabling “identity hacking” and we might as well get used to it. John is a terrific thinker on military and technology matters, but in his seeming acceptance of identity hacking, he evidently has not thought it through very much. For example, aside from the example above, what will happen if identity hacking takes shape in say, inter-species identity hacking, and people want to see themselves as a German Shepard or Siamese cat, or whatever? How about identity hacking alien life-forms, of the sort seen in the bar scene of the first Stars Wars movie? Where does it end?

The article mentioned above, I believe, offers early warning intel on one strategy that will be used to expand the ruling class’s favorite form of sexuality – pederasty. As ghastly as that prospect would be, there are bigger implications to making pederasty common or legal. Considering this from a metaphysical or spiritual standpoint, transgenderism is one form of the mass dissolution of boundaries very characteristic of what the Hindus call the Kali Yuga or the ancient Romans the “Iron Age” (analogous concepts in all other major religions), the most decadent and dark time periods. Society-wide acceptance of transgenderism, along with mass robotics and genetic engineering of the human body, will all decisively help dissolve valid and many age-old boundaries that protect and nourish human identity, leading to nearly complete and total confusion within – and collapse of – the human race, making even the term “human” antiquated and passé.

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