Tom Atlee: How Tunisia Imagined Its Future

Design, Politics
Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee

What's this message is about: Within a month of toppling its dictator, Tunisia’s 2011 Arab Spring revolution was bogged down with a struggling transition government and a countrywide general strike. An ad agency that identified with the revolution (and needed the country to get back to work in order to sell its clients’ products!) decided to get all of Tunisia vividly imagining a better future. They convinced six brands and five major Tunisian media to spend one day together carrying nothing but stories as if it were three years later and Tunisia had become a prosperous, modern, democratic country. By the evening of that day people all over the country were imagining and debating the destiny of Tunisia on Twitter, on a special website, and in streets, homes, and media across the land. Suddenly returning to work became a revolutionary act. This post explores the implications of that remarkable event for the rest of us, and for democracy itself.

Imagine a country imagining its future together. It did!

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