Blake Percival, IC Security Clearance Whistleblower, Wins One on the Margins

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Blake Percival
Blake Percival

The whistleblower who exposed U.S.’s flawed security clearance system finally gets his reward

By Christian Davenport, The Washington Post, 18 December 2015

“I hate that we dump,” one of them confided. “What do you mean?” Blake Percival asked. The answer — that the company was cutting corners performing the federal background checks used in granting security clearances — put him on a collision course with his superiors and eventually turned him into one of the government’s most significant whistleblowers in years.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am pleased to celebrate today the legal and financial and moral recognition of Blake Percival, an honest steady man who blew the whistle on the fraud being committed by the principal company responsible for carrying out and checking security clearances for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In this very rare instance, he connected with a law firm that knew what it was doing, and justice has prevailed. The same cannot be said for the thousands of instances of malfeasance that the NSA whistleblowers (Russell Tice, William Binney, Thomas Drake, Edward Snowden — possible CIA/Booz Allen asset, and Kirk Wiebe are the top five) or that reformers such as myself — I have never violated by lifetime secrecy oath and continue to consult the CIA’s Publications Review Board as appropriate) have brought to light. Had I been listened to in 1988-1994 we would have saved a trillion dollars in waste in the secret world, and stopped Dick Cheney in his tracks, saving another four trillion by allowing the FBI Director (who resigned in lieu of collaborating) to stop the 9/11 treason that George Tenet was complicit in, and impeaching Cheney and his merry bank of neo-Nazi neconservatives. The fact is that most lawyers including the great Brendan Sullivan are simply not in the business of keeping government honest, they merely want to feed on the margins. This is such a case — on the margins. No one is holding the officials that ignored my cyber-security alarm letter  in 1994 accountable for betraying the public trust. No one is holding NSA or the CEOs complicit with NSA (including Dell, IBM, HP, and Microsoft, and most recently Google) for being in outrageous breach of the public trust for a quarter century. No one is holding CIA Director John Brennan or the DNI or anyone else accountable for a drone assassination program, regime change, training, arming, and financing  Uighur and Chechen terrorists to send back to China and Russia, and more. No one is holding the Department of Defense (DoD) accountable for waste on the order of 45% (weapons acquisition) to 75% (Afghanistan). No one is holding John Kerry accountable for having a crazy out of control neoconservative on his staff (Nuland-Kegan) actively violating international laws and sponsoring regime change operations with George Soros and Zionists and others. On a personal note, I am familiar with the utterly despicable lack of professionalism in both the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) and by extension the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the General Counsel as well as the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DoD). These people are simply NOT SERIOUS. They don’t care about national security or producing evidence-based decision-support. They are all going through the motions, moving the money, planning for retirement. They should all be fired.  We need an honest government that eliminates the toxic influence of the two-party tyranny as enablers of pervasive corruption, a government that leverages holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering ACROSS THE BOARD — not just in national security, which should be cut to 25% of its current cost over time, but in domestic security including energy, food, health, and water security.  From where I sit, treason is a common virtue in Washington DC. No one “in power” gives a shit, and the public is oblivious to the gap between the idea that is America, and the craven daily malfeasance that is  the federal government and its contracting world, 70% of the problem. My legal ethical publications are a matter of record, and I may be unique in that regard — both the most published intelligence reformer in the  English language, and the only one with an online site to prove in detail what I wrote when.  I pray the will come when an Independent President and an Electoral Reform Act will allow us to cleanse Washington of the miscreants who betray  the public trust every single day of their lives.

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