Ty Simpson: Cannabis as Medicine – Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer Emergent

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Ty Simpson
Ty Simpson

There is a Trillion dollar wealth transfer hiding in plain sight.  It has to do with with the organic nature of the economy of production and what can be produced with available resources.  The resource for this new trillion dollar market is a simple plant. The Cannabis/Hemp plant was known for 5000 years prior to Prohibition.  Now that Prohibition is eroding around the world, the latest volleys of hesitation and argument for the plant’s use, comes from the notion that more research needs to be done.  But while more research is being conducted, internet stories and anecdotes are accelerating the truth that the original 5000 year history of FACTS surrounding the Cannabis/Hemp plant never went away in the first place. You don’t have to agree, just don’t get in the way.  A natural consequence of rapid investment in cannabis (and hemp), will be a massive reorganization of food cultivation, energy production and, financial value.

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