Worth a Look: Transforming Global Politics

Worth A Look
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To make it attractive, engaging, transparent, effective and trustworthy

No one body is responsible for managing our world. No body at all has the responsibility for designing a better system for managing our world. There are no global leaders with a duty to look after the common interests of all the people on Planet Earth.

Our world is being run by a bickering group of national governments and others pursuing their own local, personal, business and resource interests. These interests often do not accord with the values or desires of their populations and almost never accord with the values and desires of the populations outside their areas.

These interests tend to be imposed on others by threats, wars, violence, destruction and personal loss and harm to others, who have no say in the decisions that affect their lives.

We, the Peoples of the world, have no say in the global political decisions that affect our lives and the lives of others.
We are intentionally disconnected from these decision-making processes.

Around the world, opinion polls illustrate that people have little respect for politicians, that we do not trust them or their decisions. We find politics hypocritical, corrupt, unattractive and ineffective. It does not have to be that way: we can design a better system. But it is up to us: we the Peoples of the world.

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