Anthony Judge: Coming Out as a Radical – Or In?

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Coming Out as a Radical — or Coming In?

Risks of cultivating negative capability in a caliphate of normality

General relativity of terror — a context for both demonisation and empathy?
Radical as a questionable focus of antipathy?
Radical as a questionable focus of empathy?
Radical quest: getting to the root of a problem?
Radical identification of the root cause of terrorism
Failure of radical analysis of root causes
Radicalism vs Superficialism: definitional game-playing
Radical exemplars disruptive of normality
Pathetic policy, psychology, philosophy and propaganda
Institution of a caliphate of normality by fiat
Radical disposal of the disagreeable, the undesirable and the unbelievers
Reframing the quest for root causes
Radical speculation anticipating radical extraterrestrials?

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