Anthony Judge: Encyclopedia of Evil Claims Etc.

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Encyclopedia of Evil Claims, Claimants, Counter-claims, and Sigils

Proposed facility in support of current global strategic priorities

Executive summary
Annex 1: Search interface adaptation to profiling evil
Annex 2: Funding possibilities for insight into evil
Annex 3: Existence of evil as authoritatively claimed to be an overriding strategic concern
Annex 4: Framing by others of claimants of evil as evil
Annex 5: Epistemological and definitional challenges to profiling evil
Annex 6: Adapting a proven problem profiling methodology to profiling of evil
Annex 7: Employing a problem profile as a template for an evil profile
Annex 8: Evil loops and sigils as a pattern language
Annex 9: Engaging fruitfully with deadly opposition and fear of transformation