Berto Jongman: West without a Clue of Russia’s Near East Policy

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Western Russianists Miss their Mark on the Kremlin’s Near East Policy

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is telling that there is a real lack of Russian specialists in the United States. The gap in American understanding of the Kremlin is based on an uninformed and a real lack of comprehension of Russian politics and culture especially with the real concepts of Rodina or Otechestvo and how they push Gosudarstvo as a soulful triad. In addition, there are complaints from US, and NATO officials, that America’s depth of knowledge of Russia is sorely missing. Gone are the days of those individuals well trained in Russian language, concepts, culture, identity, and, most importantly, security concepts and protocols up to including PhDs.