Ahmet Sait Yayla: Defeating ISIS

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Ahmet Sait Yayla
Ahmet Sait Yayla

Deadly Interactions

EXTRACT: There are two significant roadblocks [to defeating ISIS]. The first is the Saudi government, which is pouring billions of dollars around the world into a campaign promoting its own Salafist approach to Islam. This has produced thousands of determined Salafist youth, the finest candidates for ISIS recruiters. The second roadblock is the political turmoil in the region, which can be blamed at least in part on the support the West has offered undemocratic leaders in the Middle East, under whose cruel and unjust rule Muslim people have suffered for decades. Terrorist organizations point out this “hypocrisy” and use it to persuade new recruits to embrace their violent regimes. PDF (9 Pages): Deadly_Interactions_ISIS_Turkey_Syria

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