InfoWarCon16: Call for Papers


infowar call for papersEVENT: April 5 – 7, 2016 in Nashville, TN


InfowarCon 16 will be a repeat of the small, intimate setting we used last year — and based upon the feedback (we actually did do a proper survey), attendees said, “Do more, change nothing.” Thus, our only significant change is that we will accept up to 70 attendees, based upon their submission form.

With that said, this year’s InfowarCon Call for Papers is along the same lines as what I usually ask of our presenters. InfowarCon is supposed to be an immersive experience. A compelling and interactive, “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me” type of discussion. This is an event where non-attendees will self-flagellate for not coming.

The Call For Papers is meant to bring back Real Content to a training congress. Over the years, InfowarCon led in thought-provoking discussion, cutting-edge thought, dissent, and yes, the InfowarCon favorite, controversy. This year should be no different.

Don’t forget; one of the first tenets of InfowarCon is, “Please say unpopular things.” If everyone agrees with your ideas, you are not leading.

Please show unpopular and scary stuff! Please get way the hell out of the box! Else, there can be no progress. Wacky is fine. Just be prepared for well-reasoned push back from the extraordinary minds of our attendees!

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Due Date: Feb. 2, 2016

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