Review: ANOTHER French False Flag?

5 Star, Intelligence (Government/Secret), Secrecy & Politics of Secrecy, Terrorism & Jihad, Threats (Emerging & Perennial)
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Kevin Barnett

5 stars Nothing Is Ever What It Seems to Be — Question Authority!

NOTE: Since Look Inside the Book is not available, I have added the entire table of contents at the end of this review.

Disclosure: I have a chapter in this book, “Was Paris a False Flag,” in which I draw on my background as a CIA clandestine services officer with covert operations experience (false flags are a form of covert operation), as well as my extensive reading and reviews here at Amazon, where I read and review in 98 categories.

I have been an admirer of Veterans Today and Dr. Kevin Barnett for years. Since 9/11 occurred, the only US government sponsored atrocity more shocking than the government-sanctioned assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, I have been much engaged with the fundamental question of who is actually behind regime changes, assassinations, and other atrocities.

In the past decade I have come to see that there are seven U.S. Governments, not one — a Wall Street government, a White House government, a Pentagon government, a CIA government, a neo-nazi/neo-conservative Zionist loving government (not a contradiction in terms, the Zionists are the new Nazis), and others.

I strongly recommend this book to all patriots and open-minded citizens who wish to consider the possibility that their governments are not in friendly hands, and that there exists a neo-Nazi “deep state” that emerged out of World War II to ultimately triumph against democracy. This neo-Nazi force is tightly intertwined with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and Turkey. It has deep roots within the British and French and German and US governments.

Nothing is what is appears. This book is a helpful contribution to those who wish to probe the depths of our modern depravity.

Best wishes to all,

Robert Steele

INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Sustainability, & Integrity


Introduction: ANOTHER French False Flag! Why SHOULDN’T We Jump to Conclusions? Kevin Barrett 9

Part 1: What Really Happened?

1. Paris 11/13/15: The Matrix Extends Its Reach Paul Craig Roberts 23

2. Decoding the Paris Attacks: ISIS Blowback or French-Israeli False Flag? Brandon Martinez 37

3. Paris Again Hit by Fictional Terror Nick Kollerstrom 55

4. Anatomy of a False Flag Stephen Lendman 69

Part 2: False Flags and Deep States: Theory and Practice

5. Deep States: A Threat to Democracy? Philip Giraldi 75

6. Was Paris 11/13 a False Flag Event? A Matrix for Evaluating Possibilities Robert David Steele 81

7. Academic Complicity in the Global War of False Flag Terrorism Anthony Hall 89

8. The War of Terrorism: Drugs, Death Squads, Class Rule and Resistance Gearóid O Colmáin 103

9. Wars: US Militarist Factions in Command James Petras 119

10. The Urgency of Now Barry Kissin 135

11. Why Paris 11/13? Mujahid Kamran 143

Part 3: Who IS ISIS?

12. We Are ISIS Ken O’Keefe 159

13. How We Know ISIS Was “Made in the USA” Jim Fetzer 163

14. All This Has Nothing to Do with Islam Alain Soral 167

15. Calling Takfir on Takfiris and Terrorism Rasheed al Ḥājj 175

16. The Khawarij Phenomenon: A False-Flag War on the Muslim Ummah Zaid Hamid 183

17. France: The Guinea Pig for War on Russia? Imran N. Hosein 201

18. The Terror Which Could End All Western Democracies (But Who Killed the French Marianne?) Catherine Shakdam 205

Part 4: Media Lies, Bias, Cover-Ups and Complicity

19. The Role of the Media in Agenda-Driven Coverage of Terrorist Events A.K. Dewdney 215

20. San Bernardino Media Hoax: CNN, Media, “Victims’ Families” Ransack Suspects’ Family Home, Faux FBI Crime Scene
Patrick Henningsen 223

21. Covering 11/13: The Stagecraft of “Reliable Sources” James Tracy 229

22. The Paris Attacks and the White Lives Matter Movement Ajamu Baraka 245

Part 5: False Flags and the New World Order

23. Signs of Satanism: Occult Fingerprints All Over Paris Attacks Ole Dammegard 249

24. Cognitive Dissonance: Media Masks Ghastly Truth Behind Terror Henry Makow 259

Part 6: Questioning the False Flag Paradigm

25. False Flag? Reflections on Speculation, Certainty, and Resistance Gilad Atzmon 267

26: Interpreting Our Long History of 9/11s Eric Walberg 275

27: False Flag Paradigm Shift: A Response to Atzmon and Walberg Kevin Barrett 285

Part 7: Youth for Truth: A Generational Awakening?

28. Today, Terrorism Is Our Common Worry: A Message from the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Youth of Europe and North America Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei 293

29. US Imperialism and the Wanton Destruction of Cultures: An Open Letter to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Anthony Hall 299

Contributors 305

Notes 311

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