Yoda: The Truth About America

Cultural Intelligence

yoda with light saberAfter Traveling 14K Miles, Independent POTUS Candidate Learns One Crucial Truth About America

Dr. Lynn Kahn, Independent Voter  Network

Two themes stand out. The good news is that I heard over and over again – even when followed by angry or traumatic personal stories – “I love America.” Our identity as Americans and our love of freedom is easily expressed. The bad news is that there is much more pain and everyday struggle across our nation and deep in our communities than politicians and journalists generally speak or write about. To say We the People are frustrated with our government is an understatement.There is anger bordering on rage about the appalling waste of taxpayer money and the broken promises of every single one of our federal departments. There is disgust about Wall Street still trampling on the good will of Main Street. Whatever government or politicians or conventional media announce — there is no trust, no respect, no belief and no faith.  MUST READ.