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Problem: Humanity is nearing the sixth extinction because of its reliance on a very corrupt wasteful model of organization that concentrates wealth and leaves five billion poor impoverished, creating disease, environmental degradation, war, other atrocities, and crime. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), while admirable, are not achievable with the prevailing paradigm of donors, intermediaries, and industrial-era proprietary technologies and costs.

Proposed Solution: We must create a prosperous world at peace. The only approach that is affordable, inter-operable, and scalable is that of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), going far beyond the fragmentary efforts in the information arena to focus on open energy, open water, open shelter, open food, open education, and open governance.

Immediate Action item: I seek to make you, your organization, and anyone your organization thinks should know about this, aware of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). My five page illustrated brief submitted to the UN SDG Global 2016 Report is attached for reading.

Intermediate Action item: If you wish to engage, a lecture one evening, or a small workshop to discuss these ideas in the context of your organization’s work, would be free and educational. I would certainly be honored to be asked to draft something specific for your newsletter or website.

Future Action item: I have spent 25 years getting the US Government to agree to create an Open Source (Technologies) Agency at $2 billion a year. All the Secretary General or Pope or ideally both have to do is ask Vice President Biden, a devout Catholic, to read the Memorandum that was delivered to his office but not placed in front of him by staff (also attached). I am also interested in the Government of India, which is about to make a mistake, confusing “Smart Cities” with bandwidth access.

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