KINDLE: Can John Kasich Win by Championing Electoral Reform?

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The endorsement of John Kasich by the New York Times — and the varied reasons for disqualifying Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio — open the way for the only candidate that has been a Governor and created a balanced budget to first win the Republican nomination and then win over all others, most of whom are not Democratic party loyalists.

The looming indictment of Hillary Clinton for ordering, in writing, the by-passing of security protocols for thousands of classified messages, at least 22 of which are in the sensitive compartmented / special access domain, opens the way for a serious national conversation leading toward a sanity nomination on the right and a justice accommodation on the left — it’s time we restore integrity to our electoral process and give true inclusive democracy a chance.

Kasich’s early validation in the primaries would also dissuade Michael Bloomberg from running — and Kasich is probably the only candidate capable of easing Bloomberg’s legitimate concerns about the field that Tom Friedman described in his article, “None of the Above.”