Stephen E. Arnold: Computational Demand — Moore’s Law Broken

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Computational Demand: Not So Fast

Analytics, Big Data, and smart software. The computer systems today can handle the load. The death of Moore’s Law; that is, the drive to make chips ever more capable is dead. I just learned this. See “Moore’s Law Really Is Dead This Time.” If that is the case, too bad for some computations. With the rise of mobile and the cloud, who worries about doing complex calculations? As it turns out, some researchers do. Navigate to “New Finding May Explain Heat Loss in Fusion Reactors.” Here’s the passage that underscores the need to innovate in computational systems:

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Phi Beta Iota: Organizations do not innovate, they incrementalize. No one, from the US Government to IBM to Oracle to CISCO is willing to take on a Manhattan-type project to create the local to global infrastructure and processing power we need.  John Chambers at least, “gets it,” as does Vint Cerf, but no executive controlling resources, including Chambers and Google, are ready to FOCUS.

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