Stephen E. Arnold: Dark Web Webinar and Book

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Dark Web and Tor Investigative Tools: Tactics, New Products, and Ongoing Developments

This webinar looks at specific vendors and products tailored to cope with Dark Web or hidden online services. The information in this webinar has been assembled as part of Stephen E Arnold’s 18 month research project into Dark Web solutions, tactics, and systems. The program is designed to provide an analyst or investigator with specific information about systems and methods useful in exploring and accessing information hidden, obfuscated, and encrypted on Dark Web sites. The webinar extends the research summarized in Arnold’s 2015 study CyberOSINT: Next Generation Information Access. More than a dozen tools and products are illustrated in the webinar. Many are likely to be unfamiliar to professionals working to leverage Dark Web content and services.

The webinar begins with a brief recap of the Dark Web as an opaque resource useful to good and bad actors. Tor (the Onion router bundle) is required for individuals to access Dark Web resources, but industrial strength solutions are now available.

The webinar reviews solutions suitable for law enforcement, security, and intelligence activities. The Dark Web is being illuminated.

The webinar is organized in five sections:

In the first section of the webinar, you will learn about information sources accessible from a standard browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Pastesites (anonymous publishing services), Reddit discussion groups focused on the Dark Web, and lesser known resources like MillionShort are described with sample outputs.

In the second part of the webinar, the focus shifts to Tor-required information services. You will learn about Ahima, Evil, and Gram. These are Dark Web search systems which can provide one click access to Dark Web resources related to narcotics, weapons, and terrorist related content.

In the third part of the webinar, free software tools will be described. Specific examples of open source software available from the US government will be summarized. Attendees will learn about exploit tools available from open source repositories.

In the fourth part of the webinar, commercial firms providing Dark Web services are explained. Three services will be profiled: Digital Shadows, Recorded Future, and Terbium Labs (recently profiled in the Atlantic Magazine). Each of these companies “indexes” Dark Web content and provides services tailored to the needs of LEA/intelligence professionals.

The final part of the webinar provides a quick recap of the new developments and trends in Dark Web access in 2016.

Webinar attendees will receive a link to the sources described in the webinar.

Cost is $1,000 for a single offering.

Presented by:
Stephen E. Arnold, Managing Partner, ArnoldIT and author of Beyond Search: What To Do When Enterprise Search System Doesn’t Work, Cyber OSINT: Next Generation Information Access ad Searching The Dark Web

Stephen E. Arnold began his work career at Halliburton Nuclear Utility Services in 1973. He then worked at Booz, Allen & Hamilton on a range of projects until 1981. He became a vice president of the Courier Journal & Louisville Times and began work on full text information systems. He and his team developed The Point Internet Service which was sold to Lycos and then in 1999 the Xoom online video service sold to General Electric NBC two years later. In Year 2000 he worked on the initial index of the US government. After 9-11, he and his team built the online system for the Threat Open Intelligence Gateway (TOSIG). He is the author of The Google Legacy (2005), Google Version 2 (2007), and Google: The Digital Gutenberg (2009). In 2015, he published CyberOSINT: Next Generation Information Access. In 2016, his Dark Web Notebook will be published by Beyond Search Press. He is a summa cum laude graduate of Bradley University and he has completed work on his PhD at the University of Illinois. He has worked as an expert witness and has provided advisory services to a wide range of government and commercial organizations over the last 30 years.

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