Stephen E. Arnold: Google Risks 90% of Revenue on Shift to AI for Search

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Alphabet Google Search: Dominance Ending?

I read “Will PageRank Expiration Threaten Google’s Dominance.” The main point is that Google’s shift to artificial intelligence “hurt Google Search’s market share and its stock price?” The write up references the 1997 write up about the search engine’s core algorithms. (There is no reference to the work by Jon Kleinberg and the Clever system, which is understandable I suppose.) Few want to view Google as a me-too outfit, “cleverly” overlooking the firm’s emulation strategy. Think in the monetization mechanism.

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Phi Beta Iota: Google started with the theft of Yahoo's search engine, for which it later paid $1 billion to buy a quit claim, and it has generally been mediocre as its core function, that of indexing the web. By Google's own account, it indexes less than 4% of all digital information, what might be called the Shallow Web. Google has done some useful things — Google Translate stands out — but on balance has failed to produce the tools and protocols for effective information sharing and sense-making. This move toward AI as a “solution” is what Dr. Robert Ackoff would call “doing the wrong things righter.” It may open the way for a Google-killer (also a Facebook-killer) out of India.

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