Steve Denning: Four Reasons Why You’ve Got a Rotten Job — or No Job at All

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Steve Denning
Steve Denning

Four Reasons Why You've Got A Rotten Job — Or No Job At All

Last week, the Innovation for Jobs ECO Summit in the heart of Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, California (January 28-29, 2016), led by David Nordfors and Vint Cerf, explored an amazing array of issues and possible solutions.

  • Many speakers explored ways to improve the “gig economy” or make the market for jobs more efficient.
  • Mei Lin Fung and others discussed a people-centered Internet and the maker movement.
  • Felix Velarde discussed whether robots are taking the jobs.
  • Curt Carlson showed that most big firms can’t create jobs because they lack the discipline of innovation.
  • Monique Morrow and others spelt out key gender issues.
  • Jay Van Zyl explored emancipating special abilities.
  • Esther Wojcicki and others suggested that the trouble started with education.

These are important issues and exciting ideas to deal with them.

Getting The Big Things Right

Yet we also need to look at things from an even bigger picture. This amazing array of ideas will only make progress if we, as a society, get a couple of really big things right.

And there are also some really big stupid things that we need to stop doing. Unless we stop doing these big stupid things, none of the good ideas being discussed at this conference will work.

“Until we change ‘the system’,” Esther Wojcicki said, “things won’t change.” She’s right. We need to fix ‘the system.’

So what is ‘the system’ that we need to fix?” Actually most of us already know what it is. It looks like this.

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