Chuck Spinney: Deadly Blowback from Neo-Imperial Wars (Terrorism and Illegal Immigration) Place Europe at Risk

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

Last September 11, I posted an essay that argued the refugee flows triggered by the aftermath of our interventions in the Middle East were mutating, whether by design or by accident, into grand strategic weapon of mass destruction.  My argument was limited to the flows within the Middle East, but as I implied, they were also putting pressure on our allies in the European Union.  Attached herewith is essay by Jonathan Marshall that expands on this latter issue.  Indeed, this is the best analysis of the E.U.’s grand strategic problem that I have yet read.  I am using the term “grand strategy” quite precisely.  New readers can go to Criteria for a Sensible Grand Strategy to see what I mean when I use this term.

Chuck Spinney

Deadly Blowback from Neo-Imperial Wars

Exclusive: The E.U.’s crisis – with the post-World War II project to unify Europe spinning apart amid economic stress, refugees and terrorism – can be traced back to E.U./U.S. neo-imperial wars in the Arab world, says Jonathan Marshall.

By Jonathan Marshall, Consortium News, March 25, 2016

Phi Beta Iota: This is not “new.” Chalmers Johnson and William Blum among many others, have been warning about blowback for over fifty years. What is new is the combination of a Western economic collapse caused by a quarter century of legalized financial crime — hence 20-25% unemployment in most countries — combined with the Internet and the tnes of millions dispossessed by the elective wars of the past decade.

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