James Cox: Saudi Connection in Belgium Attacks

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Jim cox currentThe Saudi Connection In The Belgium Attacks

Wahhabism needs to be recognized as a malignant ideology and defeated.


A thorough investigation into these questions will ultimately find that Saudi-Wahhabi fingerprints cloak the Brussels crime scene, further exposing the real problem facing the international community when it comes to combating terrorism.

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Steele-with-Logo-CroppedROBERT STEELE: Hugely important. What I am finding as someone who has actually done a false flag in my lurid past, is that the Saudis have created an infinite pool of pliable individuals who are “pre-qualified” to be entrapped by false flag specialists into doing really terrible things including suicide (in some cases, they think they have an escape plan but actually get blown up “pre-maturely.”). Time to slam the Saudi's back into their box, but only the other Islamic nations have the right and power to do this. The USA needs to simply close all its based and stop funding both Israel and Saudi Arabia.  See my official briefing on ISIS and the Saudi threat below.

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