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We are all crazy, all black, and all angry. 2016 is the culminating year in which the two-party tyranny reaps as it has sown — Donald Trump on the right — winning by the rules — and Bernie Sanders on the left — losing by the rules — represent the 99% who have been disenfranchised by the legalization of grand larceny.

Donald Trump should not be under-estimated. As he secures the Republican nomination against all efforts by the leading Republican crime families to thwart the will of the public (at the same time that the leading Democratic crime families nervously observe Bernie Sanders calling into question their barking dog choice for a domesticated servant to the 1%), he will find that in order to win the general election, he is going to have to appeal to the 60% who have been disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny.

The Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Reform parties are serious parties with serious people. He cannot win without them, and without a full leavening of Independents and No Party Preference (NPP) voters. He also cannot govern without breaking the back of the two-party tyranny within Congress. An Electoral Reform Act of 2016 would enable the election of 20-30 other party and Independent members to the seats being vacated, and restore Article 1 of the Constitution.

We are at a turning point. The Economist — never the brightest bunch of people, all too willing to ignore the facts about unemployment, true cost of goods, 9/11, Zionism, and more — has declared Donald Trump to be one of the top ten global threats to humanity. The craven idiocy of this finding is helpful — it could be all that the public needs to understand that all banks, all media, all politicians — except Donald Trump — are part of the problem.

This white paper is a starting point for those who wish to achieve a non-violent revolution using legal means and the candidacy of Donald Trump. A virtual Constitutional Convention in Texas; an unemployment workshop in New York; and an Electoral Reform Summit in California, should all be on the table for May.

The real revolution will be ethical and intellectual. Donald Trump has been winning against a very low standard, lacking in substance. This white paper profers a gold standard — substance — in the public interest.

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