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Sepp Hasslberger
Sepp Hasslberger

MaidSafe – Their aim is to make the internet a more secure place and to store data permanently on users’ computers…

Meet the men who have rewritten the internet

The autonomous network they created – called SAFE – has just, after 10 years development, been released as a minimum viable product consisting of a launcher, a test application and an API. The firm promises that applications will follow over the coming months.

SAFE will operate on a cryptocurrency called Safecoin. It is not based on a blockchain like Bitcoin. Instead “farmers” (a similar concept to Bitcoin’s miners) earn Safecoin every time a chunk of encrypted data hosted randomly on their machine is retrieved. The more reliable a node proves itself the more Safecoin it will earn.  Explore.

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Phi Beta Iota: As the founders point out, the aggregate storage and processing power of the global distributed network of handheld devices, laptops, and personal as well as business servers is vastly greater than anything Oracle or Amazon or any other cloud provider are envisioning now. The World Brain is out there, it is just incoherent right now. MaidSafe appears to be the leading candidate for taking humanity to the next level of secure persistent networking with a focus on substance.

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