Stephen E. Arnold: Dark Web Gets Reputable — ProPublica Shifts to DarkWeb to Avoid Censorship and Monitoring

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Reputable News Site Now on the Dark Web

Does the presence of a major news site lend an air of legitimacy to the Dark Web? Wired announces, “ProPublica Launches the Dark Web’s First Major News Site.” Reporter Andy Greenberg tells us that ProPublica recently introduced a version of their site running on the Tor network. To understand why anyone would need such a high level of privacy just to read the news, imagine living under a censorship-happy government; ProPublica was inspired to launch the site while working on a report about Chinese online censorship. Why not just navigate to ProPublica’s site through Tor? Greenberg explains the danger of malicious exit nodes:

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Phi Beta Iota: Invisibility; persistence, and truthfulness are among the attributes we all seek that cannot be found on the corrupted open Internet today.  Tor is not as complete a solution as many believe — MaidSafe is part of the solution going forward.  There is much to be done. We still lack tools for sharing and collective sense-making, for digital democracy.

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